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Wood heating systems

The wood is considered to be the cheapest fuel for heating systems. No burner is needed for wood heating. This fact makes it possible to construct a fully energy independent convective radiator heating system. This kind of heating system when it's properly mounted allows to keep the house in a warm condition even in emergency situations connected with a complete lack of electricity.
Wood boilers are almost always used in a combination with thermal storage tank (heat accumulator) in order to save a lot of fuel and significantly reduce the time needed for service procedures. Storage tank may be also used for parallel heating with the help of J-Vastus electric heaters, heat pumps or solar heating equipment etc (the tank should be additionally equipped with a special stainless steel coil).
SKS ltd. offers a wide range of wood boilers: traditional upper combustion boilers (Jaspi YPV 40, Buderus G211, Bosch Solid 2000B etc), reversed combustion boilers with and without a fan (Jaspi Ecopuu, Jaspi Econature, Buderus Logano S121 etc) with a power output values lying between 12 and 45 kW.

Manufacturer Model Power, kW Combustion Documents Pic

40 YPV 20-40 upper

Ecopuu 25 25 reversed

Econature 40 40 reversed

Stoker 20-40 upper

Logano G211 20,26,32,36,42 upper

Logano S111 12,16,20,24,25,32,45 upper

Logano S121 18,24,32,38 reversed

Solid 2000B 13,16,20,24,27,32,45 upper