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Jaspi solar equipment is widely considered to be the best way to accumulate the sun energy. A wide range of extremely effective special solar domestic water heaters, thermal storage tanks and heating controllers were designed in order to prove that the sun renewable energy may be effectively used in the latitudes of Finland (and also the northwestern federal district of Russian Federation).
Every solar heating system consists of four main components:
1. Solar collectors (Jaspi Solar etc);
2. A pump with a system of pipes;
3. Solar processor (control unit);
4. Heat accumulator (a thermal storage tank or a domestic water heater).
The special non-freezing heat-carrying agent is transferred through solar collectors (plane or vacuum pipe) with the help of a pump (which is operated by the solar processor, jaspi termomat solar, for instance) where it's heated and then moved to the heat exchanger of the heat accumulator (the heat accumulator must be equipped with a special solar stainless steel coil) to transfer the heat to the house heating system.
The finnish Kaukora Oy, the Jaspi equipment manufacturer, offers a wide range of special thermal storage tanks and water heaters which are already equipped with the components needed to accumulate the solar energy with minimal heat outflow.
Jaspi Hybridi 500 and Hybridi 700 are thermal storage tanks equipped with an embedded domestic hot water tank (the volume is 160 and 200L respectively) specially designed to accumulate the energy from solar collectors and to heat the domestic hot water. The other part of the energy is used to heat the heat-carrying agent of the main heating system.
Jaspi Solar 300 and Solar 500 were designed as domestic hot water heaters functioning completely separately of the boilers in the main heating system. The sun energy is used only to heat the domestic water. These water heaters are equipped with two electric heating elements to ensure the appropriate level of heat production.
Jaspi Solar 300 Economy and Jaspi Solar 500 Economy water heaters aren't equipped with any electric heating elements (which though may be added as an option) and may be used in parallel with the main gas/oil/electric boiler as an auxiliary heating source.
Jaspi Solar 3 and Jaspi Solar 5 systems include 3 (5) Watts solar collectors, Jaspi Termomat control unit, non-freezing agent and an expansion tank.
Jaspi Solbox 25 is a powerful heat exchanger designed specially for using with a system of solar collectors in the situation when there is no opportunity to use a storage tank with a stainless steel coil. Jaspi Solbox 25 is also recommended to use with a system of many (more then 7) solar collectors since it may transfer greater amounts of energy to a heating system.