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Technically, thermal storage tank is an effectively heat insulated buffer with a high heat-carrying agent capacity. Thermal storage tank absorbs the energy produced by different heating equipment connected to it. Once the heat accumulator is fully charged, it can gradually give the collected energy back to the heating system. In a case when the heating system is qualitatively adjusted and the tank is capacious enough it may provide the house with effective heating all day long. This fact actually provides great possibilities to use such features as:
1. Night energy tariff;
2. Parallel heating equipment connection (including the so-called low-temperature energy sources - heat pumps and solar collectors).
Jaspi Sahkoovali models are specially designed to take all the advantages of night energy tariff and equipped with the system of electric heaters (separate groups for the night and day usage) and automatic controller.
Jaspi thermal storage tanks are usually equipped with effective copper coil (or 2 coils) for domestic hot water production.
Another coil may be added in order to connect the tank to the low-temperature heating equipment such as sun collectors or a heat pump.
The modern thermal storage tank such as Jaspi GTV and Ovali is equipped with many couplings that allow to connect additional electric heaters of total output up to 27kW.
Jaspi Hybridi thermal storage tanks are designed specially for using with low-temperature energy sources - sun heating equipment and heat pumps. These thermal accumulators are equipped with a separate tank for domestic hot water which can be found on the upper side of the tank (200L of domestic water for Hybridi 700 and 160L for Hybridi 500). The lower part of Jaspi Hybridi containing the heat-carrying fluid is equipped with several couplings which may be used in order to connect to a heat pump (Jama Star or Jama Moon for instance). The Hybridi tank is constructed in the way that the heating fluid with a lower temperature is transferred to the heat pump (which increases its efficiency) while the most heated water moves to the upper part of the tank and gives a part of its extra energy to the domestic water in the upper tank. A special copper coil for the sun heating equipment (e.g. solar collectors: Jaspi Solar 3, Solar 5 etc) may be also added.
Hence, the Jaspi thermal storage tanks are often used as the central part of every heating system and allow to diversify the energy sources which also leads to a significant growth of the heating system reliability.
Another important advantage is generaly applicable to the systems functioning with solid fuel boilers. The using of a thermal storage tank in this case allows to reduce the number of heating cycles (the furnace should be filled with woods only 1-2 times a day) and the whole amount of the fuel used.
SKS ltd offers a wide range of Jaspi Thermal storage tanks. Call us for any assistance in choosing the right model for your heating system.