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Available Jaspi thermal storage tanks

Manuf. Model Capacity DHWH* HxWxD,mm Documents Pic

GTV 270* 270L coil 35L/min 1390x593x593

GTV 500 500L coil 35L/min** 1665x743x743

GTV 700 700L coil 35L/min 2000x780x820

GTV 500K 500L coil 35L/min 1880x790x790

GTV 700K 700L coil 35L/min 2030x870x870

GTV 1500K 1500L coil 35L/min 2160x1260x1260

GTV 2000K 2000L coil 35L/min 2180x1410x1410

GTV 3000K 3000L coil 35L/min 2310x1610x1610

Ovali 1,0 1000L 2 coils 1720x1230x780

Ovali 1,2 1200L 2 coils 2020x1230x780

Ovali 1,5 1500L 2 coils 1720x1770x780

Ovali 1,8 1800L 2 coils 2020x1770x780

Ovali 2,4 2400L 2 coils 2020x2310x780

Hybridi 500-160*** 340L 160L tank 1880x790x790

Hybridi 700-200 500L 200L tank 2030x870x870

Sahkoovali 1,2> 1200L optionally 2020x1230x880

Sahkoovali 1,8 1800L optionally 2020x1770x880

Sahkoovali 2,4 2400L optionally 2020x2310x880
* GTV270 thermal storage tank may be mounted vertically/horizontally;
** Models with more efficient coils may be ordered (50, 80, 100L/min). The tanks may be also equipped with additional coil to increase domestic water production. Jaspi Ovali thermal storage tanks are equipped with 2 coils.
*** Jaspi Hybridi are equipped with domestic hot water tanks (160L for Jaspi Hybridi 500, 200L for Jaspi Hybridi 700) which allow to produce larger amounts of hot water comparing to the tanks with coils.