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Kaukora Oy, the Jaspi/Jama equipment manufacturer, has reached a great experience in producing a wide range of modern heat pumps of the best quality.
Heat pumps use the energy accumulated in the outside environment (ground, rocks, air, water) to heat the special cooling agent which circulates inside them. When the agent receives the outside energy it vaporizes. After that the vapour is compressed in the compressor which leads to a significant rise of its temperature. Then the heated vapor is transferred to the heat exchanger where it gives the energy to the heat-carrying liquid of the heating system. After loosing the extra energy the cooling agent condenses and the whole process is repeated.
The vaporization temperature of the cooling agent inside a heat pump is extremely low, that's why almost every part of the outside environment may be used as the energy source for a heat pump (even the outside air of negative temperature down to -20C). Depending on the actual source of energy all the heatpumps are usually devided into several groups:
1. The ground source heat pumps (Jama Star, Jama Star RST);
2. The air-to-water heat pumps (Jama Moon);
The ground source heat pumps require the highest investments at the stage of maintenance relatively to the other types of heat pumps. However, the geothermal heat pumps are the most efficient and the first investments are usually repaid in the next several years.
The air-to-water heat pumps are significantly cheaper in installation comparing to the ground source models. The heat pumps of these type may be easily installed in the street near the boiler room's wall and simply connected to thermal storage tank (for instance, Jaspi Hybridi) via insulated copper pipes.

If you need any assistance in choosing the appropriate model of a heat pump for your house, just please let us know and our engineers will make all the necessary calculations!