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Although a huge amount of different alternative low-temperature heating systems have been developed last years, oil and gas boilers still remain rather popular way of keeping the house in a warm condition. The main advantages of oil&gas heating systems are:
  • High level of convenience
  • Fully automated performance
  • Relatively low fuel prices (while speaking about gas)
  • On the other hand, extremely high environmental emissions used to be one of the most serious problems connected with this way of heating.
    During the last decades plenty of efforts were made to improve the oil quality and to reduce the amount of emissions.
    Jaspi Eco and Tuubi liquid-fuel boilers were designed with respect to the newest developments in the field of oil burning and hence demonstrate the highest levels of power perfomance while keeping environmental emissions on very low rates.
    Jaspi Eco 17 LUX, Eco 30 LUX, Eco 40, Eco 50 and Eco 70 may be a very good choice for those who'd like to purchase a highly efficient compact ergonomic oil&gas heating system for the house of 100-800 square meters also capable of domestic hot water production which is guaranteed by an effective copper hot water coil. The boilers are equipped with a 6kW electric heater with thermostat (12kW as an option).
    Jaspi Tuubi boilers open up completely new possibilities in the field of large private and industrial buildings' heating. The effective power rate lies between 85 and 450kW. The models with "K" index are also equipped with effective copper hot water coil. Electric heaters as an option.
    Sks ltd. also offers a wide range of wall-mounted traditional gas and condensing Bosch and Buderus boilers.