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Despite the prices for electric energy which remain on a relatively high level (especially comparing to alternative sources such as sun energy or heat pumps) electric heating systems still often seem a good decision for a wide range of private and industrial objects.
Such equipment doesn't need any complicated mounting procedures and is extremely simple in service. There are two main applications of electric heating equipment:
1. Electricity is used for domestic water heating (in accumulation electric water heaters such as Jaspi VLM, VLP, VLK and VLS, which volume and power output is selected according to house owner's requirements). Heating systems (radiators and floor heating) are connected to a different boiler/thermo storage tank which uses other sources of energy e.g. gas, heatpumps etc.
2. The heating system is partially/fully electrical which means that the heat-carrying fluid is heated by electric boiler which, however, may be connected to thermal storage tank and some other heating equipment (sun panels, heat pumps etc).
But no matter which option is finally chosen the problem of high prices for electrical energy should be taken into consideration. This problem is solved (at least partially) by Jaspi electrical boilers and domestic water heaters which are constructed of highly insulated steel (interior surfaces are made of stainless steel) in combination with the modern automatic power control systems. Those electronic components always assure the minimal power usage in every single situation also monitoring the whole electric network of the house. The power output is reduced when the current load in the electric network reaches critical levels (this may happen, for instance, when several other devices with high power consumption are connected to the same electric network). These features of Jaspi Electric boilers guarantee the minimal electric power consumption which means a significant decrease of costs.
In case of special night tariffs availability it is usually a great option to use Jaspi Sahkoovali accumulating electric boilers. When the volume and power output of such a boiler is chosen correctly it is often possible to use almost all the electric energy at night at a lower price.
As another option ordinary GTV/Ovali thermal storage tank may be used instead of jaspi Sahkoovali. Those tanks may be connected to several other heating equipment (heat pump, solar equioment, gas boiler etc). In this case electric boiler (of J-Vastus heaters mounted into such tank) may be used as a subsidiary energy source.
Jaspi Pikkuwatti, Tehowatti and Ecowatti boilers should be also taken into consideration since these equipment provide great opportunities to lower heating costs. Those boilers are equipped with modern controllers (external sensor inside) which adjust the temperature of the heat-carrying liquid according to the outside temperature.
Jaspi Tehowatti is equipped with a domestic hot water storage tank (270L) and provides good opportunities to use the night tariff.
Jaspi Ecowatti is designed as a highly automated heating system with two storage tanks (for heat-carrying fluid and domestic hot water respectively) and special connections for heatpumps and solar equipment (as an option). Electric boiler is also mounted inside to ensure the minimal appropriate level of power output.