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SKS ltd offers a wide range of Jaspi, Buderus, Bosch domestic water heaters.
Jaspi water heaters are made of high quality ferritic acid-resistance stainless steel and equipped with a freon-free thermal insulation. A wide range of tank volumes (15-2000L) and power output (2-75kW) in aggregation with a modern design makes it possible to choose the right water heater for each specific case.
Jaspi VLK models are designed as wall-mounted domestic water heaters for small houses. These water heaters can be installed both vertically and horizontally which is important in a case of a small place for maintenance. Jaspi VLK models are delivered with a simple connection plug or a 3-pole connector (60-, 100-, 160L models).
Jaspi VLM are domestic water heaters of module construction. VLM models are made with different tank volumes (100-2000L) and power output parameters (3-75kW). These models are often used for domestic water heating of private houses and even industrial objects. Jaspi VLM indirect models with a stainless steel coil for oil/gas boiler are also manufactured.
Jaspi VLS and VLS RST are horizontal water heaters (RST models are specially designed for saunas, the outer casing is also made of stainless steel) with 100-300L tank capacity and 3kW power output.
Jaspi VLP are relatively cheap vertical electric water heaters which were designed generally for warehouses. Tank volume: 160, 220, 300L. Power output: 3kW.
Jaspi VLM STAR models are designed for functioning in cooperation with a heat pump (and, optionally, with solar collectors) and equipped with a special stainless steel coil (additional copper coil for solar collectors as an option). Jaspi VLM 300 STAR and 500 STAR water heaters are also equipped with electric heaters (3kW and 6kW correspondingly) to ensure the appropriate power production level.
Jaspi SOLAR X water heaters are equipped with two copper coils (for gas/oil boiler and solar equipment). Electric heater for 3 (6)kW is also embedded.
SKS ltd. also offers a wide range of Buderus and Bosch indirect water heaters, vertically and horizontally oriented, designed for functioning in a parralel with floor standing and wall-mounted boilers.