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Heating controllers are used in order to control the temperature of the heat carrying liquid circulating in the radiators or in the underfloor heating system in order to achieve the appropriate air temperature inside the house. This temperature is normally set manually or chosen automatically by the heating program used at the particular moment.
There are two main groups of the modern heating controllers:
1. The devices which control the temperature of the heat-carrying agent in accordance with the indoor air temperature measured by the thermostat (Jaspi Automix 20, etc).
2. The controllers which regulate the heating liquid's temperature in accordance with the outside air temperature. These are the so-called weather-compensated controllers (Jaspi Automix, etc).
Several types of available heating controllers are listed below.
Manufacturer Model Documents Pic

Vexve AM20

Vexve AM40

Logamatic 2101

Logamatic 2107

Logamatic 2109

Logamatic 4121

Logamatic 4122

Logamatic 4211

Logamatic 4212

Logamatic 4321

Logamatic 4322

Logamatic 4323

Logamatic 4324
EH 203
EH 800

Ouman heating controllers allow GSM/GPRS based distance control (additional option).